Sole Food Sunday: Jason Mayden on The Premium Pete Show

Hey listen, it is not lost on me that this blog is all about AH DEE DHAZ

I mean duh... I created it!

But you have to pay respect and give honor when it is due. So with that said I have to give it up for Jay May! A hometown hero from the Southside of Chicago who willed his way to design for the Jordan brand. This interview with Premium Pete and Dallas Penn is awe inspiring stuff... You're welcome!!!
Internets! This week on the show Premium Pete is joined by former Jordan brand designer and entrepreneur Jason Mayden and the one and only Mr. Dallas Penn. Jason discusses his journey from intern to being a homeless employee at Nike, working with Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter. Designing shoes such as the “Air Monarch” and the Jordan 16.

Jason details a near death experience at 7 years old, walking away from Nike and moving to Silicon Valley to create his own brand Super Heroic, and getting investors such as Magic Johnson, Pierre Omidyar (Founder of Ebay) and Andy Rubin to believe in his ideas. This is one for the books, so much game and gems in this episode sit back and enjoy!