Stars and Stripes: Jon Wexler x TED X Portland

"Jon Wexler is one of the most influential people in the global sneaker community. He has worked his way up from an entry-level product role to that of Senior Director of Entertainment and Influencer Marketing at adidas. In this role he focuses squarely on people, and relationship management is his art." - TED X

 I can't say that I know Wex personally like we're best buddies. I can say that our love for hip hop and all things adidas connected us. I am a huge fan of his movement. He and I have shared a number of conversations and I still strive as he very well knows to become a member of his team at the Brand with 3 Stripes. Nonetheless for the last 7yrs Wex has helmed the EIM division at adidas and has played a huge role in connecting the Brand, consumers and alike with key influencers and tastemakers world wide. 

He recently was invited to speak at Ted X Portland this past Saturday and dude "kilt" it!!! 

Head over to and click live stream then fast forward to the 28min mark for the gems! Well played Wex, well played!!!

 UPDATE: The video feed has been temporarily removed and will be restored at a later date per