Fashion Geek: House of Pain x adidas Campus 80

Shout out to the homie Greg Street for pulling these out the stash for St Patrick's Day

What you are looking at is the House of Pain x adidas Originals collab that released back in 2009

I remember working at the Lenox Mall location when these dropped and actually copped them for my allotment. But I'm really fickle about what silhouettes I rock and wound up bringing them back thinking "ahhh I really want what I want and I don't like how they look on my feet. I'll just pick them up later cuz it seem like cats sleeping on them anyway". Well little did I know there was a sneakerhead traveling to ATL specifically to pick up multiples of this sneaker and he came through when I was off and brought multiple sizes for him and his compadres back in Boston! My loss! ARGH!!!

(on Street's feet at V-103)