Black Friday: 3 Stripe Edition

Today is the most coveted day of the year for retailers...
Black Friday! Dubbed Black Friday because it is on this day that most companies that are traditionally in the red, go into the black.
It also kicks off the Holiday Season...
We got a little something, something poppin' off at the adidas Store Lenox Mall location check it out...

Sennheiser x adidas Headphones or Earbuds $65
Eyewear starting at $80

Winter Sets (scarves, hats and gloves), starting at $45

Diesel Denim starting at $99
Star Wars Conductors ($140) & Boba Fett ZX's ($130)
From left to right: SP Torsion ($90), Torsion Hi ($100) and Jogging Hi ($90)
Of course there's plenty more on deck...
I'll make posts of what we got for the next couple days so stay tuned.
But if you see something that interests you come thru the store and ask for the GORilla or call us @ 404-842-0112 press 4