Bobby Ray Concert USTREAM in ATLANTA

Now that B.o.B. is doing it MEGA big with The 3 Stripes it's almost like I have a renewed vested interest in his success. If you followed my previous post then you would know that Bobby Ray is one of the new faces for our MEGA Collection campaign.

I knew about the FREE show he had coming up @ Centerstage and I knew that he had previously killed it Tabernacle, Smith's Olde Bar and Sugarhill. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to see those shows. Me being the 3 Stripes Brand Ambassador that I am was not going to miss this performance though. NO WAY!!! (plus I wanted to see what he was going to wear from the ORIGINALS collection! LOL!)

Dude has come a looooonnnnnngggggg way from the days of Club Crucial and Almost Famous Showcases. He is a genuine talent, a rare breed and I'm glad B Rich saw whatever he did that made him believe in B.o.B. I hope adidas and The Ham Squad can enjoy a long productive and fruitful partnership together and for whoever is reading this...

Please enjoy the show!