Eddie and the Indestructable GOODYEAR

I love my job. It's not even really work to me. Today I met a customer who was in the market for a new pair of sneakers to replace his adidas Goodyear's that he's had for at least three years. The more we engaged in dialogue I discovered some funny facts regarding these shoes
  • They have walked across The Great Wall of China
  • They helped Eddie escape French Police during the World Cup Finals in France (his eyes still appeared a little red from the tear gas)
  • They helped Eddie stay nimble during the Bull Run in Spain

Eddie had just gotten married in Gwinett the day before and as part of starting a new chapter in his life he decided to replace his old sneakers kind of like "out with the old and in with the new".

So while we weren't able to replace his beloved Goodyear models we did find a good pair of SL 72's that seemed to suit Eddie well.

"I'll never buy any other brand than adidas" said Eddie

I know how you feel brother... I'm the exact same way

These shoes are being laid to rest in a private ceremony to be held by Eddie and his new bride. (Hopefully after the honeymoon homie!)

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