adidas Originals - Curren$y at DD172

CURREN$Y- The acclaimed indie rapper straight out of New Orleans. With his unique and quick-witted lyrics, he is redefining the essence of Southern Rap. He is an artist who has built a brand by relentlessly releasing mix tapes and attacking the internet with creative tenacity. His presence in music is very relevant within the new hip hop/rock movement that encompasses a love of art and a passion for music.
Curren$y has recorded with artists from Lil Wayne, The Black Keys, The Disco Biscuits, Wiz Khalifa and The Cool Kids, to Mos Def. His latest album, Pilot Talk is produced by the legendary Ski Beatz and is based completely on live instrumentals. Curren$y has been said to be one of the most influential figures in his demographic. He is signed to BluRoc Records and is currently working on feature films with Creative Control