Video: Open The Box Documentary Trailer

open the box from stv on Vimeo.

spotted at Nice

“Open The Box” follows and documents just what the subtitle indicates: sneaker culture in Germany. The above video is a trailer and the full documentary is expected to release sometime next year. We’ve see documentaries on sneakerheads before, but this promises to follow an entirely different culture, where runners are prized and Jordans are not the hands-down preference of collectors. Be sure to watch the video, and cross your fingers for an English-subtitled version.

With this joint being based in Germany you already know heads are bringing out the vintage deadstock adidas! OH BOY! Let's get it let's go! Gotta get my collection back up to speed. Down to 20 pairs now. Gave quite a few away to the homeless shelter and some more are going to the Boys & Girls Club but I still got heat on deck to keep me dumb fresh!!! Snapping necks collecting checks!!!