My Ah-Dee-Dahz!!!

This Blog has been a long time coming! I'm finally proud to present to ATL and the WORLD 3 Stripes 2 Soles 1 Love. Allow me to introduce myself please. My government is Derrick Woods but my aliases include D Woods, D Dub & of course CHICAGOrilla. I am a part time employee at the adidas Originals store at Lenox Mall in Atl, Ga.
This blog is born out of my love for the adidas brand. I am a life long hip hop head and adidas connected with me through hip hop early! When everyone in the GO was going hard for Jordans I would go left field with shell toes to represent the B Boy in me. This blog is not sanctioned by adidas or any of it's affiliate companies. So the opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. I'll basically share my love for all things adidas, fun facts, interesting stories, etc. on this blog as well keep you posted on exclusives coming through our store. Currently I have a 3 Stripes 2 Soles 1 Love mixtape in the works w/ DJ Teknology and Mr 3 Stripes hosting. Follow me on Twitter @ for updates. I look forward to some of my co-workers (Dev Allen, Davis & Wale) contributing to the blog as well. Enjoy and don't be afraid to comment and get at me.